Vision, Purpose, Core Values & History

To be Converted to Christ, Committed to the Church and Caring for the Community.

To Experience the Rule and Reign of God in our lives now and forever.


To be Transformed
To have Togetherness
To be Teachable
To share Time
To use Talents / Gifts
To give Treasure (Tithes & Offerings)
To have Thankfulness


In the later part of 2013 Pastor Bernard Blackmon acknowledged the call and timing was urgent to step out and launch a church. As he prayed, fasted and pondered on that which he felt, he knew it was God's will for him to step out of his comfort zone.

In December 2013 he shared the call with his pastor and began the planning of the launch of the church. The name Kingdom Seekers Fellowship Church (KSFC) came from his life motto scripture Matthews Chapter 6:33 and also Matthews Chapter 3 verse 2.

In January 2014, Pastor Blackmon contracted with the Start Church organization to help set up the church in accordance with the legal requirements of the state of Maryland.

The Board of Directors of KSFC were selected and officially put in place as follows: Pastor Bernard Blackmon as President, Lady Vicky Blackmon as Vice President, Minister Vaughn Perry as Secretary, Minister Craig White, Sr. as Treasurer and Bishop Arinzor Blue as Board Member. The church's Accountability Board Members are Pastor Antonio Matthews, Pastor Charles Sansom and Brother Miji Matthews.

Pastor Blackmon after researching and viewing several places contacted East Coast Drums located at 8051 Penn Randall Place from an ad on the internet and secured it as the church's first place of worship.

On Friday, February 28, 2014 the Consecration and Dedication service for Kingdom Seekers Fellowship Church and Pastor Bernard Blackmon and family was held. Over 200 family, friends and co-workers came to show their support.

During the Consecration and Dedication service Bishop LaVaughn Hughes Sr. gave the charge, Pastor Antonio Matthews prayed the Consecration and Dedication prayer, the KSFC Board of Directors presented the Pastor's License and Pastor Bernard Blackmon gave the launching message. The message was from Matthews Chapter 11 verse 12 and entitled "Let's Seize The Kingdom".

On Sunday, March 2, 2014 the church held its First Hour of Power at 10 am and the First Sunday morning worship service at 11 am. Sister Vicky's cousins from the Ellis side of the family from North Carolina and Waldorf, MD rendered the music. Pastor Blackmon started off with his first message starting a series of messages entitled "A Kingdom Focus Life" which carried on for about 5 weeks.

The beginning members were Pastor Bernard, Sister Vicky, Asia and Bre'nard Blackmon. During the startup of the church Brother Craig White Sr. transferred his membership to KSFC. On the first Sunday of the church, Brother Monday Ajabor joined. Within a few weeks Sister Regina Frazier-Dean, Minister Tangelia and Damyia Rowland joined.

On Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 7 pm the First, Prayer Meeting and Bible Study was held. On April 13, 2014 the First planning meeting of the project A Fresh Start was held at the church. On Good Friday, April 18th, the First Good Friday service was held entitled "Do It For The Vine" geared towards Youth. A few churches joined in with KSFC and had their Youth present their talents for Jesus who is the Vine. 

On June 15, 2014 the First Youth Sunday service was established. Many family and friends from the launching night throughout the first couple of months visited often and supported the church with prayer and finance.

Several others joined throughout the first year and many came to help lift up the name of Jesus. KSFC has been very active in Mission work with the Homeless and in the Neighborhoods near the church location.

Since KSFC began we have licensed to preach Minister Craig White Sr., Minister Tangelia Rowland and Minister Vicky Blackmon. In 2020 Minister Craig White Sr was ordained as Elder White.

The Lord is adding to the church such as should be saved. The church is moving forward and looking forward to what God is going to do in the years to come.